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Mom, Wife & Multi Business Owner

Cara E McNulty

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Magic Makeup

In 2016 I partnered with a long wear, anti aging cosmetics company Senegence, creating my own beauty business, HauteLipsBeauty. I often share naming these products Magic Makeup because these products truly are magic. You might have heard of Lipsense, the famous lipstick that stays all day. Welp I'm here to share the rest of the line that also stays all day. Simply Magic! Smudge proof, water proof, the color technology is the very best. All our products are led free, wax free, gluten free, not tested on animals and non comedogenic. If you have yet to hear about our star product lipsense, welcome to the best makeup and skin care line on the planet. All our cream based cosmetics (foundation, tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, blush etc.) have anti aging skin care in them. So not only makeup that will last all day buts its good for your skin! With new product and collection launches every month, I share all magic makeup details and sales in my facebook group! You can shop direct and join the group below.


Social Media Marketing

In 2015 I started my social media marketing business InstaLoops1,LLC after I opened my baby moccasin shop.  Simply put we help small business owners, bloggers and influencers grow their following and engagement? We've got a few different pages or communities on instagram focused on helping women and moms grow and find an online community. You can join us for free by commenting on any of our sign up posts on instagram @instaloops1 or click the link below to purchase a ghost spot.

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Hey Im Cara!

Welcome to all things me! You can read more about me and my journey in the about tab. Below you will find a brief description of all my endeavors and link to take you to the right place. If you're looking for more information on;

1. The Wedding space:

- the Red Barn Park

- Haute Events Wedding Coordination

- Haute Events Catering

2. Health & Wellness Community

3. Instaloops1 Growing your following on Instagram

4. Smudge Proof/ anti aging cosmetics

5. Kiddie City Childcare facility

6. The Friend Fund Non Profit

 You're in the right place! If you scroll down you'll find a section for each one of the above mentioned things.

So glad you're here!!

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Health &Wellness

In 2018 I partnered with the wellness company Isagenix. In 2019 I hit the top rank in the company and built up a team of other women and moms who simply wanted more. There were a few reasons why I partnered with this company specifically, the main being the compensation plan. I did lots of research in network marketing companies and I have still yet to find one that even closely compares. Isagenix has a wide variety of nutrition and wellness products. If you follow me on social media you see I often share about shakes! The infamous macro nutrient meal replacement shakes that we often drink for breakfast or healthy ice cream at night. My kiddos love them! If youre a mom and you have picky eaters, you need to get yourself some shakes! My sister and I created this community The Boss Babe Crusade as we brought new customers and business builders into our life. It is a health and wellness Lifestyle community geared towards men, women and moms to empower them to reach their health and wellness goals through a nutritional re-balancing system. So whether you're looking to loose weight, join a wellness community or just re up on shakes, Check out the nutrition, the community and the lifestyle by clicking the button below.

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In 2018 I created a blog HauteAdventure when I started my influencer career on instagram.  I dont use it often but Ive shared some of my favorite things and products there over the years. You can click on the link below to read some of my latest posts.

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Kiddie City Childcare

Kiddie City is a new Childcare center located in the Parkdale Community Church. Opening May 23 with our preschool classroom!


The Friend Fund

I'm the president of The Friend Fund. A local non profit started by myself and my business partner Katie. Its our mission to give back to families in need who could use assistance with things such as diapers,wipes, bottles etc. You can check out more information about the friend fund, our events, how to sponsor or apply by clicking the button below.


Haute Events

In 2018 I created my wedding events business Haute Events. Since then weve expanded from wedding coordination to catering services with Apple Valley BBQ and bartending services.

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Parkdale, Oregon United States

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