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Meet Cara

Cara always knew she had a calling for entrepreneurship, after she had her first child Avia in 2014 she found her way into being a business owner. Cara started in the online small shop community when she opened her moccasin business HauteMoccsDotCom in spring of 2015. Her moccasin business was her first entrepreneurial venture where she started hand making the moccasins herself. After the launch of her first business, She quickly began growing her following on instagram through a unique system of loop giveaways and opened a social media marketing business to help other small shops and bloggers do the same. Working closely with a blogger friend, Cara decided to start her own blog page and call it HauteAdventure. Through her blog platform she met a gal out of Utah who approached her with the product lipsense for a collaboration. Cara was astonished at this magic lipstick that didnt smear off and quickly fell in love with the product. After learning about their full smudge proof, anti aging cosmetic line she decided to sign up and become a distributor. Little did she know this would become her full time job, things escalated quickly in her senegence business. Cara grew a team of over 150 women and ranked 4 times in the company in one year. She also earned her monthly car allowance fully paid by senegence as a direct reflection of how hard shes worked to build her business, Haute Lips Beauty. As of late Cara has used her platform @caraemcnulty on instagram to empower women and moms with Inner and Outer beauty. She got involved in another Network Marketing venture with the company Isagenix where shes built a team of health and wellness lifestyle leaders along her sister Samantha. Cara still runs her senegence business along side her new health and wellness venture as well as her social media marketing business Instaloops1. Cara has taken on booking events in the park she got married in. She also took over a wedding coordination business in the hood river valley/ gorge area and is slowly starting to coordinate weddings under the name Haute Events. Although all these ventures are very different they all allow Cara to put her creative background to use. Going with the "haute" theme Cara knew she wanted a hub for all of her business ventures to be in one place and Haute Life Chronicles only seemed fitting. If you are local to the hood river area Cara hosts quarterly mom meet ups with her friend Brittney the owner of Cutie Pie Kiddos and also monthly hikes in the surrounding area as an ambassador for the Columbia River Gorge Hiker Babes group. If you'd like to join us for a mom meet up with MomMomSocial or come on a hike, you can stay updated on facebook via the page MomMomSocial or group Hikerbabes Community: Columbia RIver Gorge Chapter.

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